Use this Total Gut Restoration protocol for leaky gut!

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Use this Total Gut Restoration protocol for leaky gut!

Leaky gut occurs when cracks or holes develop in the lining of your intestinal tract. These holes allow toxins and unwanted particles to enter your bloodstream and weaken your immune system. If you have leaky gut, it’s important to follow an approach that addresses the layers of a healthy gut. The Total Gut Restoration system can help fix your gut in 3 simple steps!

The origin story of Microbiome Labs is a classic tale of forging new frontiers, complete with discovery, adversity and a leap of faith. Neither founder set out on a path to start a supplement company, but through persistent curiosity Dr. Tom Bayne and microbiologist Kiran Krishnan stumbled upon an amazing opportunity.

With Dr. Tom’s clinical expertise in gut health and Kiran’s extensive probiotic research and discovery of Bacillus spores, the serendipitous pair formulated the first all-spore probiotic, MegaSporeBiotic.

With the mission to make vibrant health accessible for all, Microbiome Labs reallocates the majority of its profits back into research, with only a minimal amount leftover for marketing — an approach that continues to set Microbiome Labs apart from the rest of the supplement industry. In doing so, Microbiome Labs hopes to encourage other supplement companies to follow suit, thereby raising the bar of the supplement industry as a whole.

In 2018, Microbiome Labs attended over 148 conferences, initiated and/or completed 14 clinical trials and provided key solutions to thousands of practitioners, changing over 344,000 lives… and counting.

Join us in our mission to Make Vibrant Health Accessible for All.